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"Top 5 Tips for Finding the Best Shower Remodel Deals and Quality Craftsmanship in Your Town"

  1. opt for a local bathroom remodeling company and not a nationwide franchise which is basically more or less a marketing company offering a service. They are high pressure sales people and will try to generate as much profit as possible. this will never be your best value.

  2. Consider alternative materials such as lesser known shower wall systems such as Jet coat, Flexstone.

  3. Never take the first offer. Gather at least 3 separate estimates so you can way pros and cons of each one. What is the best deal. always take price and quality into consideration. Not one or the other,

  4. Always look at the companies review section. who is highest rated. Does review section seem legitimate? Some Bath and Shower remodeling companies pay others to give them fake reviews to generate more business.

  5. Do not settle for a something you do not want. You will be paying quiet a bit of money. Work with a business that is flexible and can accommodate your needs and wants.

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